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My 5 Favorite Podcasts

My 5 Favorite Podcasts

I am constantly listening - if it isn’t a book, it’s a podcast, and I have come to love podcasts. Although I was rather late to the podcast train (I only really got aboard last year), they have come to be one of my greatest sources of inspiration. I love hearing podcast hosts share their stories and insights. I love the glimpse into their world. And, let's be real, I love them! I would love to meet any and all of these amazing hosts someday. I feel like I already know them! They’re my online BFFs and mentors - even if they don’t know I exist!

The hosts of the following podcasts have made me laugh and cry. They’ve inspired me to be a better person and a stronger woman. They've helped me set goals and work towards them.

These are my 5 favorite podcasts, the ones that have touched me the most, and a little about why I love them so much:

#1 Happier with Gretchen Rubin - Of course, this podcast is at the top of my list. Not just because Gretchen Rubin is the host with her sister, Elizabeth or because they both do a fantastic job. But also because this podcast is the perfect blend of interviews, advice, listener interaction, and getting to hearing these two women interact! They are open and honest, give demerits and gold stars as appropriate, and often share their happiness and habit-change related struggles. But Gretchen and Elizabeth also manage to keep the tone light and humorous. A with their countless array of special segments, you never know what to expect! Even though I just started listening to this podcast a year ago, I went back and listened to every single episode. I didn’t want to miss anything! Now, whenever I hear the intro music, I know my day is about to get a little bit happier.

#2 Happier in Hollywood - This podcast is hosted by Liz (the same wonderful person from Happier with Gretchen Rubin) and her writing partner, Sarah. This is the slightly more adult version of Happier, set in Hollywood and focusing on making our work lives “happier, healthier, saner, more creative, more successful, and more productive”. As someone who loves the world of Hollywood, I enjoy getting a glimpse of it from a different perspective. Liz and Sarah are TV writers and they provide a unique viewpoint on working in the industry. Over this past year, it was fun to hear about the process of getting a TV show made from the writer/producer perspective. Their show, The Fix, premieres March 18, 2019, at 10:00 on AMC, so be sure to tune in and support these wonderful women! I also credit this podcast with helping me decide not to move to Hollywood and pursue acting. From various discussions on the show, and their interview with Jenna Fischer about her book The Actors Life (referenced in Books of 2018), I decided that acting was not my true passion - entrepreneurship was. And that decision has lead me to where I am today. So I thank them for making both my normal-self and my work-self happier in every way.

#3 By the Book - This should come as no surprise! As someone whose life has become an amalgamation of my favorite concepts from personal development literature, it is exciting to see other women live by all of the principles lauded by similar books. Kristen and Jolenta have tried everything from KonMari-ing their homes, to curating their closets, to pantsdrunk-ing, and to making their mornings miraculous. They live by the strict rules of a book for two weeks and give an honest analysis of their experiences and the books themselves. They also provide a follow-up episode for each book where they discuss listener responses about the book and their episode. Both women are incredibly open and raw with their lives and struggles - offering a real connection that many other shows don’t offer. However, Kristen and Jolenta have a perspective on the world that I don’t always agree with. Also, their show is would likely be rated PG-13 for “barnyard language” and some of the content. But if you are a personal development devote, or need a weekly dose of humor - Kristen and Jolenta are your girls.

#4 The Wander Wealthy Podcast - I’ve mentioned this podcast before because it is so fantastic! The Wander Wealthy Podcast is a great primer for anyone who wants to take control of their financial life. I actually first heard Tess Wicks, the host, when she was interviewed on the Spark Joy podcast (about the Konmari method - but you probably already guessed that!). She talked about decluttering our money mindset and organizing our finances. I was instantly intrigued! Tess has not disappointed me! She gives great, inspirational solo shows and interviews fantastic women in the personal finance space. I have also taken several of her online classes, and even emailed Tess personally! I got an email back the next day and she gave me advice about how to move forward on my investing journey. Both Tess and this podcast are amazing and inspirational, I cannot recommend them enough!

#5 The Influencer Podcast - I really enjoyed the Jess Lively show way back as it was beginning. She interviewed tons of fascinating people and I loved to hear their unique stories and how they got to where they were. Once the focus of the podcast changed, I found myself less captivated and I searched for something to fill that void, enter - The Influencer Podcast. I first heard about this podcast when Julie Solomon, the host, interviewed Julia Engel - one of my favorite women! Since then, I have been a dedicated listener. I haven’t made my way through all of the archived podcasts yet, but I am well on my way! The podcast focuses on interviewing people who have become influencers with various passions, niches, and platforms. It is fascinating to hear about their journeys and struggles, all of which is presented in a very authentic way. If you want to become an influencer or learn more about those who are, check out the Influencer Podcast!

Let me know what podcasts you love! I’m always looking for podcast suggestions.

I have yet to venture into the world of fiction podcasts, but I know there are some great ones. Any direction in this area would be greatly appreciated!

Until next time,


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