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The Happiness Project Experience - May

The Happiness Project Experience - May

I’ll be honest, one of the biggest downsides (or maybe upsides?) to being an Upholder is that when I decide to make a change - I just make it. Several of my original resolutions for May, the month of work, I ended up completing weeks (or months) early. I implemented an exercise practice to get me moving throughout the day, I have a dedicated office sweater so that being cold can’t affect my mood, and I bought a water-cup with a straw rather than a cap so that I can sip while I work - which has tripled my water intake.

I’m content with my work-life for the most part, however, I knew that there were a few specific things that I wanted to tackle for May. Since I usually end up expanding my list at the end of every month anyway, I decided on 5 resolutions for May:

  1. Ask for a raise

  2. Write thank you notes to both of my parents

  3. Email Gretchen Rubin

  4. Work on figuring out maintenance packages

  5. Read Profit First and Building a Storybrand

The relation of some of these to work may not be immediately apparent, but they are related - trust me.

First, I decided to ask for a raise. This is something that much modern literature on the workplace says that women are hesitant to do, and so, prompted by that I raised the issue with my boss. We had discussed a possible raise about 9 months ago that would take effect at the start of 2019. The year started and I didn’t bring up the issue. So now, 5 months in, I finally tackled it. It was a very easy sell and I was reminded that I could have gotten it months ago if I had just started the conversation. But at the same time, I recognized that we've had a couple of really productive and profitable months at the office and so the conversation was very positive and who knows what it may have been at any other time.

What you may or may not know is that my current boss (at least at my day job) is my dad. And I share an office and a desk with my mom. We joke that it’s very much a family business. My parents went on a two-week vacation this month, and so I ended up having to pick up a lot of slack at work (yes, this was definitely the month of work). But rather than being upset about it, it helped me to recognize how much I love working with them. I value the time I spend with them and get to see them even more now than I did when I lived at home. I had planned to write them thank you notes to tell them how much I appreciated them before they left, but the beginning of the month was crazy and it just didn’t happen. However, in hindsight, I’m glad I waited, because I was able to convey my gratitude with an extra level of love and appreciation after having to manage everything while they were away. So they may have had to come back to piles of work, but there was also a nice thank you note on top.

The next goal is also related to work - I swear. And it was one of my 19 for 2019 goals. I have had a question for Gretchen about her work and its direction for months. Since the answer I received may help to provide some direction on my work in the future - I decided to get it done this month. That’s all I can say for now, but if you stick around I’m sure you’ll hear more about it at some point.

The fourth goal relates to my organizing business. I couldn’t let the month go by without one resolution specifically directed at that! This one has to do with a new sort of offering for us. When we are done with a client, we want to be able to offer them a maintenance package so we can come back on a regular schedule to help them maintain the systems on an ongoing basis. I needed to take some time to do research, reach out to people in the different entrepreneur groups I am in, and figure out what it would look like for my business. I was able to get a head start on figuring it out and am closer to being able to offer it to my clients.

My final goal was to read Profit First and Building a Storybrand. For my full reviews, you can check out Books of May 2019. I had heard both of these books recommended for a long time, but had been a bit hesitant to dive in. I’m glad I did. Both books provided valuable information for my business (and life) now, and going forward.

I feel like so much of my life revolves around work - between my 9 to 5, my side hustle, this blog, and several other projects I can’t talk about yet. But this month helped me to step back, look at the big picture, be grateful, but still make tangible progress on some of my goals - and that combination is a lot of what increased happiness is all about.

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